Travel advice

Healthy travelling
You will be travelling soon and you will of course want to return home healthy. A stay abroad can pose a risk to your health. Fortunately, you can keep some of the health risks to a minimum.

I advise you to get tailor-made travel advice from HACUSERK at least 6 weeks before your departure. Better late than never when you travel ‘last minute’.

Even if you are not a patient in our practice, you are welcome at HACUSERK.

I’ll give you tailored advice. I take into account your specific state of health, destination, duration, itinerary and way of travelling. I am a specialised traveller’s general practitioner, who can give you expert advice and I work according to the guidelines of the National Coordination Centre for Traveller Advice. (LCR).

Intake form

You can pick up a ‘traveler intake form’ at the practice, but you can also fill it out online by clicking on the link.

(For travel advice, it is important to know whether you as a child were vaccinated against measles (MMR) or had measles. You can indicate this on the form).

After we have received the form from you, I will contact you to make an appointment. During the consultation hours, the advice is discussed and any necessary vaccinations are administered. Are you already in possession of an international vaccination certificate / the yellow booklet? Then take these to the appointment.


The costs for the advice are € 55.50 per person. This amount relates to a national rate, which in principle will be reimbursed if you are additionally insured. Check with your insurance.

This amount is for: compiling the advice, administering the vaccinations, an international vaccination certificate and information leaflets. The cost of the vaccinations will be invoiced to you separately by the pharmacy. You will therefore receive two bills that you can submit to your health insurer.