Complaints scheme

Are you bothering something? Please report it to us!

If you are not satisfied with our service in practice, or you have questions about treatment, for example, then we would like to hear about it. Complaints help us to improve services and prevent new complaints.

It is always best to discuss a complaint about the treatment or treatment with the person directly involved. We are open to that! If you prefer not to, you can use a complaint form, which can be picked up at the front desk or downloaded This form can be completed and dropped off at the front desk of the practice or sent to:

HACUSERK for H. Tuinfort
Leguaanstraat 43
1338 HC Almere Buiten

Click here to download the complaint form.


If you are not satisfied with your complaint process

There may be situations where you are dissatisfied or angry and you have compromised your trust in the counsellor/employee of the practice. You have already had a conversation with the aid worker involved, but you really do not come out with him/her. You appreciate it when you look at your complaint with independent eyes. You can then submit your complaint to the complaints committee to which our practice is affiliated, namely SKGE Foundation complaints and disputes primary care.

After receiving the form, the complaints officer first checks whether the care provider is affiliated with skge. Then she will contact you as soon as possible (usually within a week) to contact you.

Listening to each other
The complaints officer will ask you for an explanation of the complaint and will tell you then also tell you how the mediation proceeds. She will then contact the care provider concerned and explain your story to him or her. With the health care provider’s response, she then gets back to you, and that process repeats itself until all views back and forth are known. In many cases this results in more understanding, as well as more clarity about the way you want to deal with each other in the future. If you are at peace with this, then the complaint is closed.

For a clear, independent and impartial judgment.

Suppose a conversation with your care provider has led nowhere and even with the intervention of the complaints officer, your complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved. Then you can go to an independent arbitration body which will assess your complaint impartially and expertly. Your complaint then becomes a dispute, which means that you start official legal proceedings.

In balance
Skge facilitates GP committees. The chairman is a (former) judge. In addition, the committee consists of one or two members from patient representation, and one or two members who are general practitioners. So the disputes committee is exactly balanced. The arbitration committee is supported by an official secretary employed by skge. You have contact with.

Complaints Committee

  • The complaints committee consists of people who do not work or are attached to our general practice. In any case, the committee consists of a lawyer and a doctor. The committee shall be assisted by a secretary who is not a member of the Complaints Committee.
  • The complaints committee is investigating the circumstances of the complaint.
  • The Committee may request the parties involved in the complaint to provide written information and to send documents, in so far as they relate to the complaint. For this, the complaints committee first asks you or your representative for permission.
  • The committee may consult in- and/or external experts.
  • The committee may invite the parties concerned to an oral explanation (hearing). Parties can also ask themselves to be heard by the committee.
  • The Complaints Committee makes a reasoned statement and can be accompanied by recommendations to practice. The ruling shall be communicated in writing to you or your representative, defendant and supervisor of the person you have complained about.

Towards a legally binding judgment

The official secretary ensures that all documents are complete. She asks you to substantiate your complaint substantiation, and for the health care provider to respond. The committee examines all the documents provided. If necessary, it will ask for further explanation, either in writing or at a hearing. When all the facts are known, the committee decides whether the complaint was justified or not, and (if applicable) whether you are entitled to compensation. This verdict of the committee is legally binding. This means that both parties must agree and that an appeal is not possible. The verdict of the committee can only be only marginally reviewed by the civil court. The civil court then looks at whether the process properly conducted and whether the arbitration body should reasonably have arrived at the decision in question. ruling. If you have any questions about this, the official secretary is secretary will be happy to give you a further explanation.



The Complaints Committee undertakes confidentiality of confidential data from the complaint file. These are only distributed to third parties with your consent. The ruling will be sent to a number of people. You can read to whom above.


SKGE Postbus 8018 5601 KA Eindhoven.