Medical Examinations

In addition to a general practitioner, Dr Tuinfort also carries out driver’s license/ insurance inspections and health certificates for adoption.

Although the CBR allows driving licence inspections to be carried out by its own general practitioner, I follow the advice of the KNMG. According to the KNMG guidelines, medical examinations, including driving licence tests, may only be carried out by an independent doctor who is objectively opposed to the patient.

Driving licence inspections for professional drivers in the carriage of passengers and professional goods (the large driving licence) must be carried out by a doctor from an Occupational Health and Safety Service.

Anyone who needs an inspection is welcome. You can make an appointment for your driver’s license/insurance inspection at HACUSERK.

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The inspection

The driving licence or medical examination is intended to determine whether a person is physically and mentally healthy to be able to drive a vehicle safely and independently.
The inspection shall consist of the following components:
-Discussion question form
-Physical examination (functioning of arms, legs and spine)
-Assessment of mental state (OPS Score: Orientation and memory, Practical skills, Social and personal functioning)
-Blood pressure measurement
-Eye test
-Urine examination (for diabetes) Tip: Have your eyes checked (free) for inspection by an optician to prevent any re-examination.

Preparation for the inspection

To the inspection, you take the following with you:
-Your current driving licence
-Completed Own Statement (for sale at town hall and cbr)
-Clean jar of urine
-Any list of medicines
-Any glasses/contact lenses (also take strength from contact lenses)

After the inspection

After the inspection, driver’s license medical examiner Drs Tuinfort may not rule on your medical fitness. She writes down its findings in the Medical Report, which is sent to the CBR together with its own statement. You will receive the results by letter from the CBR.


Sometimes the CBR wants more information about the Medical Report. You can then be referred to a medical specialist. You may also be required to take a driving test with an expert from the CBR. I can inform you exactly what you can expect in such cases.


The results will be communicated to you by letter by the CBR.


Insurance inspections

For all types of insurance inspections you can contact HACUSERK. You can just contact us to make an appointment, often this can be done the next day. After the medical examination, we guarantee that the complete file will be on the office of the medical advisor of the insurer within five working days.


preventive medical examinations (PMOs)

Our PMOs range from very very simple to very extensive. Which parts should be part of the PMO depends on your wishes and our advice. You can also design different PMOs for different functions, age categories or management levels.

The PMOs range from a digital questionnaire to very extensive research (including ECG, lung function, blood test, visus, heart and blood vessel research, (pre) diabetes research.

You decide what you want to know, we carry it out directly for you.